The 3 most common inconveniences when using the existing file transfer services.
The conveniences disrupt your workflow, impacting your productivity and time management.
Inconveniences the existing file transfer services
1. Complicated Process
Do you have to go through annoying pop-ups and large banner ads that cover the screen in order to upload the file you want to share? Do you have to go through many steps in order to set a password, enter the recipient’s email address and or write a comment about the file you wish to send?
2. Requests, Requests, Requests!
After you sent or shared the file, have your recipients ever made the following requests? ‘I don’t have the access to the file,’ ‘I don’t know the password,’ or ‘Could you please resend the file as I was on leave?’
3. Security Concerns
Do you ever worry about how safe it is to send and share sensitive documents or files containing personal information?
When you use Sendy you won’t ever have to face these troubles ever again
3 innovative solutions that only Sendy provides to you and your team.
Connecting to your email
1. Connecting to your email of choice
You can connect Sendy with any email accounts, especially your company official email account and send any sized and number of files with just one or two clicks. Don’t go through hurdles to send files, use Sendy to do it easily and most importantly, quickly.
Connecting to your work messenger
2. Connecting to your work messenger
Are you using Slack or Chatwork at work? Once you connect Sendy to your work messengers such as Slack and Chatwork, you can send any sized and number of files from Sendy to your colleagues and partners using the messengers directly.
Managing the Cloud
3. Managing the Cloud
Any files you send and receive from Sendy Transfer can be saved/stored in the Sendy Cloud. You can view, edit the settings, send and resend the files in the dashboard allowing you to be more productive on any projects that require many stakeholders and file transfers.
Sendy’s dashboard helps you streamline your work
Try sending and managing files with Sendy to achieve more!
Upload any file or files
Choose the recipient and click [Send]
After the file is sent, manage the shared file in the Sendy Cloud
Transfer & cloud service in one place
Transfer & cloud service in one place
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