The Best Cloud For Work
By integrating all business tools in the world with cutting-edge data transfer and the Cloud technology, we provide the best productivity tools for business people and professionals.
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Manage file related tasks easily & quickly, you can send, share or store any sized or types of files
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Easily navigate and use its powerful features without a lengthy instruction manual.
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Sendy adopts three different types of security before and after stages of file transfer
Engineering focused organization
We always create the most efficient, secure and fast service from the users perspective.
Global Competitiveness
31 million users from 237 countries in the world
World’s leading network technology
5 billion files being transferred a year with 215Petabyte in size
The people who make Sendy
Ryan Son CEO, Sendy / CMO, Estmob (Korea Head Office)
Ryan Son oversees the global Sendy business. He also manages user acquisition and business development from the head office in Korea. Son previously has worked for Google Singapore and Korea as the AdMob team lead, and for Tapjoy, world’s biggest incentivized mobile ads platform as the Sales Director.
Yoonsik Oh Founder of Estmob (Korea Head office)
Yoonsik Oh founded Estmob, Sendy’s parent company back in 2012. The founder is one of the most well-known engineers in Korea, participated in the development of the compression algorithm at Estsoft, one of the Korea's largest software developers, and led the development of the Internet portal site ZUM. His data-transfer service won the in-house development competition in Estsoft, and later he established his own company, Estmob.
Daesung Lee CIO
Daesung Lee led the development of storage services and global MMORPG game services at Estsoft, and later developed diverse technologies such as business messengers, blockchains, and real-time document sharing through various companies and startups.
Ryan Son
CEO, Sendy
We develop business cloud service that runs from all business tools around the world.
We are currently undergoing a historical transition. We are gradually realizing that the things we had taken for granted for a long time are no longer natural or eternal. According to a recent report, by the first quarter of 2020, nearly 4 billion people around the world have done most of their daily lives at home, including work, shopping, socializing, and cultural life. What stands out most is telecommuting. Many companies around the world have actually closed their offices, and therefore, their employees have been working remotely. For many of them, remote work has already become a routine, and despite the remote work, it is proved that most businesses are running without any problems. As telecommuting becomes more and more established, software sales are booming around the world.
Indeed, sales of various types of software have skyrocketed since early March 2020. Computer software sales have increased by 53%, 50%, 41%, 39% and 17% in Russia, the UK, France, Germany and Australia, respectively. Sales of design software have grown significantly as well in France, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, with 110%, 84%, 35%, 34%, 16% and 4% respectively. Another example would be Zoom, one of the leading business tools in the world. Its monthly active users have increased exponentially from around 20 million to over 300 million in a few months. We are now indeed living in the midst of the flood of business tools.
Business tools are overflowing; however, data transfer, file-sharing and storage, which are essential for business business people, are not coming in one standard form because each tool has different features and functions. Despite the ever-evolving new technologies, innovations, and marketing techniques, business people always have to find new ways and unfamiliar paths to become productive. Our mission is to create the world's “Best Cloud For Work” by becoming the standard for data transfer, sharing, and archiving across all business tools in the world.
Major Partnerships
We have technical partnerships with major global conglomerates.
2012 ~ 2020
Company History
Estmob (Head Office) established Send Anywhere Official Release
100,000 Monthly Active Users Acquired
500,000 Monthly Active Users Acquired $1 Million Seed Funding (Rakuten Ventures)
1 Million Monthly Active Users Acquired MOU with Samsung Printers
2 Million Monthly Active Users Acquired 5 Million Android Downloads MOU with Samsung Galaxy (Send Anywhere integration in Galaxy Note7 models) $6 Million Series A Funding (Rakuten Ventures)
3 Million Monthly Active Users Acquired API Partnership with Polaris Office
3.5 Million Monthly Active Users Acquired 20 Million Accumulated Downloads Acquired Send Anywhere PLUS Official Release 10 Million Android Downloads MOU with Naver
Sendy INC Established Sendy Official Release $3 Million Bridge Funding (Rakuten Ventures) 30 Million Accumulated Downloads Acquired
'Sendy PRO' and 'Sendy Business' Official Release 4.2 Million Monthly Active Users Acquired
Press Kit
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