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About Us


“The fastest way to connect your workflow and file sharing, Sendy”

Sendy strives to simplify an individual and an organization’s workflow for maximum productivity and efficiency.


“An innovation is borne from inconvenience”

Why must we take so many steps to share a file?
Why must we waste so much time when sharing a large file?
Why can’t we send different types of files all at once?

Developers at Sendy faced the exact same questions in their daily tasks and took it upon themselves to solve these inconveniences, creating Sendy in 2019 as a result. They wanted a service not just for developers or engineers but for people who deal with large and various files every day, from photographers to videographers to lawyers and marketing managers who need to share their data quickly, easily and most importantly securely.


Sendy helps you and your team to achieve higher productivity

Sendy allows you to manage file related tasks easily and quickly, you can send, share or store any sized or types of files with Sendy.

Sendy is easy to use, for anyone

Sendy has the simplest UI as possible so that anyone can easily navigate and use its powerful features without a lengthy instruction manual.

Sendy is secure

Security is the first and foremost importance for Sendy. Sendy adopts three different types of security before and after stages of file transfer, unlike other services.


Still curious about Sendy? Download Sendy press kit for more information.