Sendy PRO 50% OFF for new sign-ups!

Jan 26, 2022

Sendy is holding a tremendous event in 2022.

Meet Sendy PRO, an event you can't miss, at a 50% discount price.

If you're looking for a cloud service that supports file transfer, pay attention here!📢

Let me introduce Sendy PRO, which boasts tremendous speed and convenient functions.

Up to 50GB of file transfer, 1TB of cloud space!

There's no problem with the large files when it comes to Sendy PRO!

If you pay now, you can enjoy it at half price!

$7.99 -> $3.99 per month.

* Discounts will only be applied for annual payments.

So that more customers can use Sendy PRO,

We have prepared an event where any new member can participate and benefit.

The way to participate is very simple!

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Go to the plan page!
  3. Choose 12 months from the payment method of the PRO.
  4. Enter the payment method.
  5. The free trial period for a month begins!
  6. After the trial period, start using Sendy PRO with a discount!

Let's sign up and get a discount!
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