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Transfer/share large files easily and quickly.
302planet is an animation company with abundant experience and technology in 3D animation production in Korea.
Works : Stress zero, Pororo The Movie - Dinosaur Island Adventure, Katuri, Super Wings season 2
Difficulty sending large files
The animation file we usually work with is large, or have to send a lot of files at once, so we had difficulty to share and edit with my team.
Just right for cooperation, Sendy
As Sendy provides 3TB cloud storage and transfer feature that allow to send large files at once, we decided to introduce Sendy.
Fast transfer of High-definition videos
The ease of sending large files has reduced workload and stress. With great accessibility from PC and mobile, abundant cloud space makes it easier to store and manage projects that have been distributed.
Share files securely without any file format restrictions.
Ahn Software Lab is a professional development company that develops various applications such as big data, online commerce, and messenger.
Urgent need for secure file sharing program
Tried many programs to share the results of the application or software development easily and most importantly, safely, but not satisfied.
Sendy’s reliable security system
Sendy has security system such as password/expiration date setting, and access permission setting that can be trusted. And large file transfer/share meet the needs to frequent file shares with clients.
Support all file format and follow up after file sharing
Other services do not support all the file format, and sometimes got erased, but Sendy supported all file format, making up share files with clients without any problems. Also, with expiration date setting, it will automatically expire on the designated date without worrying about it.
Web, App, Extension, anywhere, anytime.
UkiUki is a premium cat product company that takes the lead in healthy cats foods and changing perception of cats.
NAS and external drive, adhere to time and place
Previously, NAS and external hard drives were used for work, but it was inconvenient to carry around every time, especially NAS's essential download of the program and occasional disconnections prevented smooth work.
Share data within the company
The need for the cloud, which provides seamless sharing and rich storage space for sending and receiving data from team members, has increased day by day, and Sendy was the solution to meet that need.
Great accessibility
With Sendy, you can easily access on any device, such as PC, mobile, etc., whenever you travel or work from home, greatly improving your work efficiency, and avoiding mishaps caused by delayed data updates by relying on external storage devices.
Other cases
Easy large file send improved efficiency
Security features are reliable.
File sharing made collaboration seamless
Sendy made file backup & managing easier
The high-speed file transfer is the best
Quick up/download video files over 10GB
Sendy is accessible anywhere at any time
3TB cloud facilitates file share w/ team
Handy lecture file sharing with students
Fastest way to upload many files at once
Best WFH tool to share files w/ the team
Plenty of storage to save concert vidoes
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