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We can transfer or share large files quickly and easily.
We often need to transfer large-capacity animation video files or multiple files at once. So, we were looking for a suitable service that would share and edit video files with internal or external teams.
Works : Stress zero, Pororo The Movie - Dinosaur Island Adventure, Katuri, Super Wings season 2
Difficulty sending large files
When collaborating or working with other companies, we can access our data from anywhere, so we can work with no interruption or slowdown of workflow.
Just right for cooperation, Sendy
Easily send large-capacity files to our partners, helps us do our work more quickly, effectively.
Fast transfer of High-definition videos
With 3TB of cloud storage per team member, you can easily manage multiple projects in one place.
You can safely share any type of file without any limits.
When developing a variety of applications and sharing results with customers step-by-step, we needed a solution that could deliver and manage software securely without restrictions.
Urgent need for secure file sharing program
After using Sendy, the issue of file types not supported by other services and the need to pay extra for transferring files have been completely resolved.
Sendy’s reliable security system
With Sendy, we were able to completely eliminate the inconvenience of continuously explaining certain conditions when transferring large files from other cloud services.
Support all file format and follow up after file sharing
Sendy's password management, various access settings, and other security features improve work efficiency by meeting the needs of users who need to share files only for a certain period of time.
Use the website, apps, and extensions anytime, anywhere.
We mainly used NAS and external hard drives, but it was inconvenient because the NAS was sometimes cut off or the problem of having to carry the external hard drive with me all the time.
NAS and external drive, adhere to time and place
No longer need to carry and connect USB and attach files one by one. It's always accessible and easy to use on your PC and mobile, so we can do our works done with seamless workflow.
Share data within the company
Connecting the NAS or carrying an external hard drive was too inconvenient. However, after using Sendy, we can quickly and easily share work files online.
Great accessibility
When saving external lecture documents to USB, I sometimes ran into problems by saving the wrong file, but now I can access the latest version of the file anywhere.
Other cases
Easy large file send improved efficiency
Security features are reliable.
File sharing made collaboration seamless
Sendy made file backup & managing easier
The high-speed file transfer is the best
Quick up/download video files over 10GB
Sendy is accessible anywhere at any time
3TB cloud facilitates file share w/ team
Handy lecture file sharing with students
Fastest way to upload many files at once
Best WFH tool to share files w/ the team
Plenty of storage to save concert vidoes
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