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How Minaho Could Leave Work Quickly Every Day!

Mr. Minaho goes on frequent work trips so he rarely works in the office. There have been many cases where it has been difficult for him to share his work status with his other team members because he is often outside at external meetings. Many

STEP 2. Managing Sent Links

Want to manage all the links you created and shared? Now you can view and manage the links you’ve shared in Sent page. You can manage or delete links that you’ve shared with others in Sent page. If you click on each link in the
Connect Work Email & Messenger(Slack/Chatwork) / 業務用メール&メッセンジャー(SlackもしくはChatwork)に連携

STEP 1. Connect Work Email & Messenger

When you have several files to upload, isn’t it difficult to use work messengers that force you to click and upload them one by one? When you send a file with Sendy, you can deliver any number of files, no matter how large, in just