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Sendy Business

Start doing great things with Sendy Business now!

Great success is not done by an individual, but a team.

Achieve great success with Sendy Business!

Welcome to Sendy Business, the one and only collaborative tool you will need for your team to be productive, efficient and successful.
Sendy Business helps you and your team to stay on top of the game with greater control, flexibility, and more powerful features you won’t find anywhere else. Invite your team to try Sendy Business and achieve whatever business goals your team has set out.

Control every facet of team workflow as an administrator

Sendy Business allows you to build a team and give each team member a specific role.
As an administrator, you will have total control over which files are sent and shared as well as which member gets access to the files.

You can set up a team profile

You can assign different roles for team members and control access to the files

You can monitor members’ activities

(coming soon)

More powerful features for the members

Sendy Business members are armed with powerful features so they can face any tasks without breaking a sweat. Members are given an unparalleled amount of storage for heavy work as well as unlimited file link creation and unlimited Chrome Extension.

Your team member can store anything with 3TB of Cloud storage

Your team can have access to unlimited Chrome Extension

Your team can create permanent file links

(coming soon)

Sendy PRO


My Link storage: Unlimited

Max file upload size per link: 50GB

Link expiration: Customizable (max 30 days)

Cloud storage: 1TB

Chrome Extension: Unlimited use

Log-in Device Management

URL Customization
→ Coming soon

Remove link by the receiver
 → Coming soon

Sendy Business


Everything in Sendy PRO

3TB of Cloud storage per member

Set up a team profile

Administrative tools of your team

Powerful features of Team Drive

Monitor members’ activities
→ Coming soon

“Getting things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

– Steve Jobs