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Sendy Transfer

A file transfer service that gets powerful with
your company email and messenger

Send any files using your own email/messenger with just one or two clicks

Never go through hurdles again, by connecting Sendy with your choice of emails or work messengers such as Slack or Chatwork, you can send anything quickly and easily.


Send files securely with our unique 1:1 direct transfer

A perfect way to send and share any large files of sensitive nature without going through or saved on a server.


Manage your files easily in the Cloud

Any files you sent and shared are stored in the Cloud and you can manage these files by re-sending them or change the settings of those files.


Complicated steps are totally unnecessary.

How many windows do you have open in order to send a file? With Sendy, you can send any files without leaving the transfer window.

You can send anything from Sendy.

Are you compressing or dividing up a large file?
With Sendy, you can send any types of large files without any limits.
(You can upload and send files sized 10GB to 50GB depending on your subscription plan)

Any files you send and share can be stored in the Cloud.

Don’t waste your time uploading a file when sending it repeatedly, just upload it once on the Sendy Cloud to resend it whenever it is needed.